Questions To Ask When Building A Kitchen

Building or remodeling a new kitchen can be an exciting project, however it can be stressful if the right amount of planning doesn’t go into it.

Before you begin, make sure you can answer these questions:

What are the problems you currently have in your kitchen?

Where are the “traffic jams”? No place for the mixer? The refrigerator door can’t open fully? Do wheelchair users have difficulty navigating you space? Do your drawers stick? Write it all down.

What is on your wish list?

Are you dreaming of double wall ovens, or a built in coffee-maker? Longing for a formal mantel-style wood range hood, or a plate rack for your favorite china? You need to know if these items are realistic, and to plan these items in at the beginning of the design process.

What mood do you want to set?

Some homeowners are drawn to the serenity of sleek modern design; others long for the cozy clutter of a country kitchen. Another popular trend is the “Hamptons Look”, which features refined white cabinets yet a casual, yet chic, look. The types of storage systems and cabinetry will vary greatly with the mood you choose. And keep in mind that the “mood” of your kitchen should work well with the overall mood of your home.

What are your favorite things to do in the kitchen?

Kitchens have become the heart of the home, and the trend has been to make it a more open space. Ask yourself if you really do want to draw others into your kitchen, or if you want to direct them to another area. Some “solo” cooks prefer to use an island with seats as a “barrier” to prevent guests from getting in their way. If cooking has become a family activity, a secondary prep area with a “veggie sink” or bar sink may be important. Do you need a planning desk (with charging station included), for making phone calls and shopping lists? Do you use your computer for looking up recipes? Bakers would love a lowered marble counter space just for kneading. Should you include a homework station for the kids, or a flat screen TV? If there is high traffic and lots of activity in your kitchen, you may want to avoid certain elements, such as painted cabinets that highlight every drip and speck.

Do you love to cook and entertain, or do you love to entertain without cooking?

Gourmet cooks need extra storage for their precious spices, and the “tools of the trade”. A butler’s pantry and additional organized storage areas are very important for them. If you are the local caterer’s best customer, serving and seating space may be more of a priority for you.

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